Bongs from the West Coast

Bongs from the West Coast

Bongs are some of the most popular and favorite of many for consuming marijuana. The reason for this is simple. It purifies the marijuana smoke through filtered water, which results in a cooler and smoother smoking experience.

Also known as water pipes, glass bongs feature water chambers that allow the smoke to cool before inhalation. It is the perfect device for achieving a powerful high with less weed.

If you are new to the weed terrain, you may find it difficult to choose the best device for your smoking adventure. This post looks at the highlights of glass bongs from the west coast to give you a great idea of what bong is and if it is the right device for your smoking experience or not.

What to Know about Bongs

Bongs, including American bongs, come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. However, they all function the same way. They use water filtration mechanisms to make the smoking experience better.

It is crucial to understand how the device works before you buy or use it so that you can get the best out of it. A bong comes with different components. They include the bowl for packing your marijuana. It is where you light the bong to kick-start your smoking experience.

There is also the joint, which holds the downstem where the bowl is placed. The water chamber is where the smoke is filtered to remove the toxins and cool the smoke. Next is the neck, where the smoke travels through before getting to the mouthpiece.

It is often said that the longer the neck of the bong, the cooler the smoke will be by the time it gets to the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is where you inhale the flavored smoke into your lungs.

How to Choose a Bong from the West Coast?

Buying a bong requires some consideration. Although all designs and shapes are fantastic and deliver powerful hits always, you have to consider your preference before choosing. You should answer some pertinent questions before purchasing a device.

Whether you want a zob glass or hvy glass, you should be sure that it meets your smoking needs before giving out your cash for it. Here are some questions you should answer before you buy American bongs.

Are you Smoking on the go or at Home?

Smoking indoors is different from smoking outdoors. Where you want to smoke will determine the type of water pipes that you should buy. Regular American bongs are perfect if you are smoking indoors.

You don’t have to worry about the large size since you are smoking indoors. However, if you want to get your hit on the go, you need a more portable bong that is discreet. The good thing is that you can find different sizes, shapes, and styles of American bongs in the market. You can choose from various options based on your budget and preference.

How Ultra Smooth do you want your Hit?

Cooling takes place in the water chamber with the downstem and percolator. A zob bong with a downstem, percolator, and ice pincher is a great choice if you want softer hits. It is also the most recommended if you have sensitive lungs.

What Type of Bong Material are you looking for?

There are various designs and types of bongs for sale in the market. They all come in different materials and it is worth mentioning that the material can directly affect the taste of your dry herbs. For example, acrylic and ceramic slightly affect the taste of your bud.

Glass and silicone, on the other hand, are most common because they deliver your smoke clean and fresh with no external influence. By the way, glass water pipes, like the hvy glass, are often the most preferred.

Are you looking for American Bongs with Extra Extensions and Features?

This will also affect your choice. A standard bong comes with an ice pincher and downstem. However, some complex designs come with the option of adding filters and extensions, such as a percolator or ash catcher.

It is also possible to customize your bong based on your preference. When you decide on the extras that you need in your zob glass, you can go ahead to check designs that are compatible with extra features and extensions.

How to Use a Bong from the West Coast

  • Using a bong is pretty simple. It does not require a special skill, which makes it a good choice for beginners. Here are the steps to get started with smoking with your bongs.
  • Fill up the water chamber with water above the downstem.
  • Pack the dry herb into the bowl and suck in the air to allow the water to bubble.
  • Light the herb from the bowl and switch off the lights when the bud is lit.
  • Wait for the smoke to build up and then pull out the bowl after achieving the preferred quantity of smoke.
  • You can begin to enjoy your hit as you take a lungful inhalation from the water pipe.

Why Bongs from West Coast are the Best

  • They deliver the perfect tasting rips that will keep your tongue asking for more.
  • They are perfect if you want clean, cool flavors before they filter the smoke to deliver toxin-free smoke to your lungs
  • The portable designs are travel-friendly and can be used discreetly.
  • They are spill-and-splash-proof, so you don’t have to worry about creating a mess when enjoying your smoking season.

Many things contribute to the quality of American bongs. Although they don’t come cheap, they are made with the finest quality materials that last long. For instance, hvy glass and zob glass are made with borosilicate glass. This type of glass is used for making lab-grade equipment.

It is safe and can withstand use and high heat pressure. They are easy to clean and maintain and you never have to worry about breaking them because they are not fragile. They are the perfect choice for people looking for on-the-go marijuana devices.