Unlock the Power of Meditation with Music

Unlock the Power of Meditation with Music

The bitter truth is that most of us have a tough time getting into meditation even when experts cannot rave enough about its benefits. While some of us stumble through our thoughts to finally reach zen, most beginners today are steadily getting there with the help of music! Music and meditation are both excellent ways to get our minds synced with our bodies. From baritones to classical, even the sounds of beach waves can create a perfect setting for you to center your focus inwards. Let’s check out some of these music platforms that offer special playlists to enhance your meditation sessions.

Amazon Music

With dozens of playlists providing soulful sounds and guided breathwork, Amazon Music is a perfect dive into a personally tutored meditation experience. The app offers an array of options that can take you from 10-minute stress busters to thorough hour-long meditation music. Amazon Music has also curated a few playlists with the increasingly popular concept of solfeggio frequencies. This curated music with specific frequencies like 174 Hz and 639 Hz, among others is widely known for healing your body and mind while raising your consciousness.

Since the app offers ad free music and users can queue, shuffle, and repeat music, you can even customize your own meditation mix. Connecting the music to Amazon’s Echo might help you get the reverb needed for a perfect immersive meditation session.


The German music streaming platform can be a great place to start if you want calming music uploaded from different parts of the world. The crowd-sourced playlists like ‘New Age Music’ and ‘Relaxation Music’ can be your perfect kickstarter for meditative practices. Meditators can also find a great deal of comfort by tuning into a few SoundCloud playlists that are all about ‘healing with nature sounds’.

SoundCloud allows users to stream their favorite music online or through an app, however many users require a Go+ subscription to listen to music that is behind a paywall.

YouTube Music

While most of these are public playlists, uploaded by the many users of this app, the ‘Ambient Dreams’ or the ‘Night Meditation’ playlists on YouTube Music are perfect to get you through a tough day.

Ambient Sound playlists on the app even go on for 3 to 4 hours, allowing you to declutter your brain to get through a hectic study routine. If not used directly for meditation, they can be used as a background to practices that are generally considered meditative such as art, yoga, or even cleaning your own room. Streaming these playlists is only possible if the free version of  YouTube Music is not minimized on your phone, since the app does not support background operation. Users might also gain interruptions with ads unless they subscribe to the paid module of the app.

Summing Up

Ample modern research tells us how combining music and meditation can help you destress, focus better, sleep well, and elevate your general mood. Make sure your groove is not interrupted by sharp sounds, pauses, advertisements, or any other distractions, and you are good to go. Even if you aspire to meditate in a quiet room, starting out with music might help you master the art faster and definitely in a fun way. With these music streaming platforms at your fingertip, you can start your journey towards tranquility right away!


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