What are some money saving tips?

What are some money saving tips?

1.Don’t use credit cards

 You buy the items, which you don’t want from the money you don’t own! I spent more than 10 lacs from credit cards & paid heft interests. It took almost 8 years for me to get rid of them!

2. Don’t smoke

– I spent almost 45000 Rs per year on cigarettes when I was smoking actively. I am spending this money on reading books and travel now.

3.Don’t drink

– I spent approximately 65000 Rs per year on drinks. Now I am investing same money in stocks.

4.Don’t take emotional decisions on money matter

a) When I built my house in my hometown , I wanted it to be the tallest building in our areaI did it ! But it was a wrong decision. I spent extra 10 lacs foolishly on a liability.

b) Once I was travelling back to my hometown after attending a function. I was waiting for a bus along with my 1 year old son and wife. It was a small village and there was no major bus stop. We waited almost 30 to 45 mins . I told to my wife “First thing we have to do after going to Bangalore is to buy a car !” . After 3 weeks , I was driving this 🙂

5. Walk 1 hour daily

6. Carry a water bottle from home when you go out

7. Don’t shop on empty stomach

8. Buy amazon prime membership

9. Start noting down all the expenses. Even as small as 1 Rs

10. Ask for 10 % discount when you goto any medical stores . They generally give.

11.Avoid Junk food

12. Don’t buy clothes unnecessarily

-I have 75 + shirts , 25 + T shirts & 15+ Jeans . But most of the time , I don’t use many of them.

13. Read books on money management

14. Avoid complete intake of sugar

15. Don’t buy costly phone


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