What To Do If You Have A Valve Disorder!

Valve Disorder

A healthy heart is the true asset of the human body. And the heart’s health or functionality depends on its internal parts like valves, arteries and more.

So if you have one of these parts damaged you should take it seriously. Have you ever heard about this specific heart disease called heart valve disorder? It is a specific condition where one’s heart’s valves get damaged.

Our heart has different valves like the tricuspid valve, bicuspid valve, aortic valve and pulmonary valve. And any damage in these valves can affect one’s heart functionality and make it weak.

So take this condition seriously and follow this to-do list if you have been diagnosed with this valve disorder.

Seek Medical Diagnosis

The first thing you have to do is seek the right diagnosis of your valve’s condition. You have to identify which valve has been damaged and how intense the damage is. The right diagnosis always leads to the right treatment.

So just make sure you have been diagnosed rightly. Visit a heart clinic immediately if you feel any symptoms like the irregularity of heartbeats, fever and a murmuring sound in the chest portion or more. Do not overlook these symptoms and seek immediate medical attention and diagnosis.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

If you already have been diagnosed with a valve disease then you should strictly follow a healthy diet. You should restrict yourself from consuming foods that have high amounts of cholesterol. At the same time, you should focus more on eating fresh green vegetables.

Take Your Medications On Time

As a patient of such valve disease, you must take an appointment from a reputed heart specialist. If they find any damage on any particular valve like tricuspid valve they will prescribe the right kind of medicines.

If the condition of your valve is not that serious or bad then you can simply overcome it by taking your medications on time. But take this task seriously. Do not skip any medicine that has been given to improve your valve’s condition.

Go For Surgery

If your valve is too damaged then doctors will perform a valve replacement surgery. Although the term may sound serious it’s not scary if it can be done by well-experienced heart surgeons. They will operate your heart all carefully and help you to achieve a speedy recovery.

Also, there will be post-surgery care instructions that you have to follow very sincerely. You may get instructed to do some cardio exercises. You may get prescribed a lot of medicines for a healthy recovery. Take all of these very seriously and get well soon.

Thus to conclude, all these above-listed steps will make your heart healthy again. Just be gentle to yourself and follow the right instructions.


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