Top 5 Lawn Dart Games to Play With Friends and Family

Top 5 Lawn Dart Games to Play With Friends and Family

Lawn darts are a classic backyard game that fills the air with laughter and cheers. It’s also a great way to get your family to spend time together without all the technology surrounding them.

The game initially started as dangerous with spear-shaped darts with massive metal spikes. But it has now evolved into a safer, more fun game that your whole family will enjoy.

The Closest to the Bull’s Eye

The Closest to the Bull’s Eye is one of the most popular lawn dart games you can play with friends and family. This game is simple to set up and can be played with either one or two players or teams.

The goal of this game is to “close out” the numbers 15-20 (you can ignore the rest of the board in this version) and the bullseye. The green bullseye gives you one mark, and the red bullseye gives you two spots.

Each player throws a dart at the bull’s eye, and whoever is closest to it starts the round. The first team to score a bullseye wins the game.

The game’s target is circular, about 35 feet away from each player. The center ring of the target is known as the bull’s eye, and it is worth three points for a team that hits it. Similarly, the closest non-bullseye darts to the bull’s eye count as one point for each team or player.

The Big Game

If you’re looking for a fun game with your family and friends, then lawn darts are the perfect option. This outdoor game is easy to set up and can be played on any surface. It’s also safe for children, making it an excellent choice for backyard barbecues and family picnics.

The game consists of four giant lawn darts with thick, rounded plastic tips to reduce injury while playing. There are also sets that feature weighted bags instead of metal tips.

Jarts lawn darts, for example, are usually played by one player or by two teams. They are tossed to a target about 35 feet (11 meters) away. The rules vary, but the darts must land inside a ring for three points in the standard version. The Handly Cup Style suggests that the closest dart to the call is worth a point.

The first player or team to score 21 points wins. This can be achieved by landing a dart inside the ring or closest to it. Players must know the rules beforehand and discuss how to achieve this goal.

The Big Apple

The Big Apple is a fun and challenging game for the entire family. It’s a “building” game that requires players to recreate the “history” of New York City, from its earliest years to modern times, by building increasingly significant buildings, parks, and cultural centers.

The game has several nuances, making it slightly more challenging to master than other games. It also rewards you with victory points if you can achieve the winning goals, which include wealth and political power.

The most impressive thing about this game is that it can be played anywhere, from the backyard to the beach. It’s even glow-in-the-dark, so it’s perfect for late-night entertainment! It’s also lightweight, easy to set up, and a great way to bond with your kids and make new memories. This is the lawn dart game if you want to add fun and challenge to your next family gathering! It’s sure to be a hit! Get yours today! You won’t regret it. Orders placed by 4 pm on Monday will be delivered within two working days!

The Big Ring

The Big Ring is a classic lawn dart game that both kids and adults can play. It features two target rings that are 30 feet apart, and players take turns tossing their darts to try and land them inside the ring.

You can play the game with the entire family or make it more competitive by splitting it into teams. Regardless, you will have a blast getting the darts inside the ring!

This is a fun way to spend time outside with friends and family, and it’s also an excellent gift for anyone who loves playing games. The set includes four darts and two target rings, which glow in the dark.

The lawn darts have weighted tips that must be landed in the ring to count as a point. The weighted information should stay in the ring for over half the dart’s length. The goal of this game is to score 21 points and win. The rules vary depending on the version of the game you’re playing, but most versions have a standard scoring system.

The Big Shot

Lawn darts are one of the most popular lawn games for families. They’re easy to set up, and teams of two or four people can play them. They’re also not harmful to your lawn and are great for kids’ health and minds.

The origins of lawn darts don’t come from the game they’re named after but from an ancient Roman and Greek war weapon called a plumbata (Opens in a new tab). The game is a fun way to practice your throwing and target-shooting skills.

To play, players toss their colored darts at one of the circular target areas placed on the ground 35 feet apart. The object is to hit the ringer closest to the center.

The standard scoring system is 3 points for ringers that land in the center and 0 for those that don’t. Depending on the game rules, points are offset when an opponent lands one in the circle. The game is typically played until one player reaches 21 points.


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