What is the best way to stay fit?

What is the best way to stay fit?
  1. Diet is the key. Eat well to look good and actually be good from the inside.
  2. If you end up eating more, burn those extra calories through the workout.
  3. Make your mind a peaceful place. Without peace of mind, you can’t stay fit.
  4. Don’t either binge eat or starve yourself. Maintain a balance.
  5. Add effective supplements to your diet like protein, multivitamins, etc.
  6. Spread awareness of the benefits of living a healthy life. Help others to stay fit.
  7. Develop a strong will power. It will help a lot in staying focused.
  8. 20 minutes of daily walk will keep your body away from various diseases.
  9. List the benefits of a fit lifestyle. It will give a huge mental boost.
  10. Practice yoga. Along with a fit body, it also contributes to a successful life.


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